Coordinating Expert Advise

Mastermind Groups

In our mastermind groups, we create a collaborative family board of advisors, including your CPA, estate lawyer, financial advisor, and more, to ensure that your wealth remains intact through coordinated decision-making.


Mastermind Groups - For Our Clients

For our clients, we bring your trusted professionals together to collaborate across different fields, proactively addressing financial, tax, and legal issues.

We work to address existing problems while also proactively preventing potential future issues.

These groups serve as a cohesive family board, bringing together a range of advisors, including CPAs, estate lawyers, financial experts, and more. Within this collaborative framework, these professionals work in unison to ensure that the best possible decisions are made on behalf of our clients. 

Your Tax Preparation Checklist CANVA
Wealth Management Solutions

Your Tax-Planning Checklist

By Wealth Management Solutions When it comes to taxes, the better prepared you are, the easier this task will be and the sooner you will be done.  We’ve created a tax-planning checklist for your tax advisor to follow. But, of course, reach out with any questions. And, if you are

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"Our Mastermind Groups are impactful because they are a collaborative effort amongst like-minded business leaders."​

Richard Riva, Founder

Our Mastermind Groups for Centers of Influence

Our Mastermind Groups consists of members who are Centers of Influence (COIs) bringing diverse areas expertise and experiences to the table.

These professionals convene regularly to engage in collaborative brainstorming, knowledge sharing, and networking, while also providing education, accountability, and support to fellow members.

How to join a group

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