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We offer tailored strategies that balance growth and risk with the goal of securing a sustainable financial future for both you and your heirs.


How it works:

Most investors find themselves falling short of market performance when they take on the responsibility of managing their own investments.  The volatility of financial markets can often trigger emotional responses that lead to impulsive and suboptimal decisions.

In response to this common problem, we are dedicated to creating professional investment processes that effectively remove emotions from the equation. By doing so, we help our clients make more rational and strategic investment choices that align with their long-term goals and risk tolerance.


We provide objective support to your family in terms of investment solutions: 

  • Your personalized financial goals
  • Your unique risks associated with your occupation, time horizons and more
  • Your desire to financially contribute to your family and community

"Working with a professional is a great way to get started on building a solid financial foundation and planning for the future. Find an advisor that will walk alongside you while you build your wealth and one that has the expertise to advise you on all four cornerstones, including investment management, wealth management, financial planning, and life planning."

Richard Riva, Founder

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Explore our blog for a wealth of knowledge on investment solutions. We break down complex concepts, share real-life stories, and offer practical tips to help you make smart financial choices. Whether you’re new to investing or an experienced pro, our blog is here to empower you with insights that can shape a brighter financial future. Join us on this journey of learning and discovery – your path to informed investing starts here.

If We Could Only Teach One Financial Lesson
Wealth Management Solutions

If We Could Only Teach One Financial Lesson

By Wealth Management Solutions  At Wealth Management Solutions, we understand what it’s like to experience the loss of financial independence due to poor planning. Our founders, Richard and Martin, felt the pain of losing their fathers unexpectedly and having to navigate the financial fallout on their own. It was a

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