By Richard Riva

When I was young, my father passed away prematurely. He didn’t have anything appropriately planned, and as a result, my family’s legacy vanished. We lost my grandfather’s estate and all of my childhood mementos when the property was sold abruptly.  

That early life experience is what drove me to become a financial advisor so that I could help others avoid the suffering that my family experienced. I know that financial well-being is not a one-person or one-generation issue. It is a family issue and it has generational implications. 

As such, I love working with family business owners and their heirs, particularly those who prioritize faith. I know how challenging it is to run a business and the importance of delegating tasks. I built Wealth Management Solutions to serve as an outside CFO to manage investments and financial affairs with purpose, so that faith-based business leaders can focus on their own area of expertise.  

There are a lot of financial professionals out there who do a good job. What sets us apart is that we understand and share a worldview where money isn’t the ultimate goal. We work best with those that want to align their values, morals, and faith with the advice, planning, strategy, and governance of comprehensive wealth management. You were called to steward your business faithfully, and we are here to help guide you on that path. 

Faith-Based Investing

One way that we can help you align your faith, values, and morals with your finances is through faith-based investing. We offer faith-based filters to weed out investments in companies that don’t align with your values so that you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are not inadvertently supporting something that you don’t agree with. We work with specialists on an ongoing basis to ensure that our investment options and the filters we use accurately reflect your values and still meet your investment needs.

The Four Cornerstones Of Managing Wealth 

At Wealth Management Solutions, we integrate what we call the “Four Cornerstones of Managing Wealth”: advice, planning, strategy, and governance. These are the four foundational elements that enable you to build a successful family legacy. What does it look like for faith-minded business leaders?

We add the same concerns, expectations, and outcome components to your plans, strategies, and governance. One example would be including gifting and tithing in your cash flow analysis. We won’t pressure you to limit your generosity just to grow your net worth. It could also include making sure to incorporate charitable trusts into your estate planning. We align resources with like-minded providers and work to build a family board of advisors with other like-minded professionals. We offer faith-based legacy lead goal sessions, and much more. 

Purpose is unique to each and every family, as is addressing a higher purpose or serving a higher calling. We will take the time to understand the unique position that your family is in. Then we will bring the people, processes, systems, and resources together to help you manage your wealth in a way that furthers your unique purpose. To learn more about how we can partner together as you steward your business, schedule a complimentary consultation by contacting us at (949) 475-9700 or 

About Richard

Richard Riva, the founding partner of Wealth Management Solutions, helps families advance their purpose in the framework of family financial matters. He brings comprehensive experience in banking, trust and investment services, and as an independent financial business, the passion in helping people and families, as a trusted advisor.  

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. 

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific investment advice or recommendations for any individual.